Nature doesn't need an upgrade.
It needs a partner

When we work with nature, instead of against it, we extract the highest grade, health-boosting nutrition available. ólixir™ is our organic extra virgin olive oil, made in collaboration with Nature.

Nature's newest edition
Olixir® Harvest 2020: In Store Now!

Our freshest oil available for order NOW. 

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ólixir®, an elixir of health made in collaboration with Nature

Certified organic EU and Switzerland

No pesticides

Rich in Heart-Healthy Antioxidants*, 335mg/kg  ~2x the active dosage for cardiovascular health. 

279 mg/kg of Vitamin E. 2/3 tablespoons give you between 47% and 70% of your RDA

Healthy Monounsaturated Fat

Vegan and Gluten Free

Nature doesn't need pesticides.
It needs knowledge

We follow strict organic measures to protect our trees and olives. We know the olive fly likes our olives, but we also know it likes sardines more. We equip every tree with an organic trap to distract it and keep our olives healthy organically. So our EVOO not only is 100% organic but has very low acidity. ólixir, made in collaboration with nature

Nature doesn’t need intensive farming.
It needs nutrition science

We care not that our practices limit our productivity. We only care to extract an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a medical level of antioxidants. Nutrition science teaches us only such an EVOO (used daily as part of a varied Mediterranean diet) contributes to our family members’ cardiovascular health and to yours. ólixir, made in collaboration with nature

Our Method

Nutrition Science
Organic Farming
Olives rich in antioxidants
Daily use in Mediterranean diet
Active impact on health

Selected by some of the best chefs in Geneva

Le Cinquième Jour
Le Cinquième Jour is a gastronomic experience at the intersection of innovative cuisine and sustainable food. See the magic that chef and 'culinary nomad' Walter El Nagar creates with Ólixir™!
View Website
La Brasserie Montreux
Chef Antonin Guex is an artist, who uses Ólixir™ as his paint. Boasting 12 GaultMillau points, La Brasserie elevates cuisine to tantalise your taste buds.
View Website
Ay Bistrot
At Ay Bistrot, the Mediterranean way of life meets Mexican cuisine. Chef Fabian Pellarin uses Ólixir™ skilfully to create dishes that erase borders. See for yourself!
View Website

Not Just Restaurants, Clinics as well!

The Clinic Des Vergers in Meyrin only uses Ólixir™ for the nutrition of its patients.
Chef Youssef Elbekri carefully prepares his menu using fresh and local ingredients – creating dishes that have a direct impact on health.
The unique chemical composition of Ólixir™ contributes to patient’s cardiovascular health.
Visit their website here.

Hear it for yourself from Ólixir® lovers!

Nature doesn’t need fungicides. It needs guidance

Our trees might be attacked by fungus. But proper branches oxygenation and exposure to sun limit that. So we prune our trees every year to defend them from fungus and protect ólixir™’s health boosting properties.

Nature doesn’t need anything added. It needs timeliness

We do not need to fortify our products, we just need to pick our olives timely. When they are green and richest in heart- healthy antioxidants. So ólixir™ carries the wealth of antioxidants Nature contains.  made in collaboration with nature

Nature doesn’t need chemicals.
It needs perfectionism

Temperature control is fundamental to extract the best product we can. We make sure neither the olives, nor the paste goes over the 20°C.

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