Ólixir® - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Harvest 2020

The privilege of fresh oil

Olixir®’s bouquet has a fruity aura, opening with elegant notes of green olives, followed by fresh and herbaceous ones of wild herbs and artichoke, ending in a hint of black pepper. In mouth, it’s well rounded and harmonious. The gustative and retro-nasal sensations match and enhance its aromas. It proudly reveals a degree of pleasant bitterness and piquancy witnessing the presence of polyphenols. Ólixir®2020 is as fresh as it gets, cold-extracted on 05.OCT.2020.

Harvest 2020 Bottling @ Sicily


We don’t add, insert, fortify, optimize or “mess with” Nature. Instead, we listen.​

Just following the European Union’s standards wouldn’t allow us to extract the highest quality of nutrition possible. So we don’t just follow them. We exceed them.

Pesticides don’t belong on our orchard, and our trees have never been tainted by fertilizers.

Nutrition Science meets Organic Farming

Rich in polyphenol-antioxidants that prevent the oxidation of your blood lipids.

The EU Food Safety Authority only permits such claims when the level of polyphenols is above 250 mg/kg. Ólixir has 428 mg/kg at time of bottling.

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Certified organic EU and Switzerland

No pesticides

Rich in Heart-Healthy Antioxidants*,428mg/kg  ~2x the active dosage for cardiovascular health. 

279 mg/kg of Vitamin E. 2/3 tablespoons give you between 47% and 70% of your RDA

Healthy Monounsaturated Fat

Vegan and Gluten Free

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